With the busy summer moving months in full swing, moving tips to both simplify and streamline your move are as necessary as ever. In order for a move to go smoothly, certain tips and tricks can help immensely and save you time and stress.

What are some San Jose moving tips that can make your move easier?

Overnight Essentials Bag

When planning for a large move, it’s important to keep what you need and use on a daily basis within an overnight essentials bag. This makes it so there is no need for last second rummaging through a packed box, or driving yourself crazy in your new home trying to find your toothbrush. Alleviate the stress by packing a small overnight bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, etc., so that you can still be prepared for tomorrow while allowing complete focus on the move.

At Mont-Rose Moving Systems, we recognize that each move is different and requires both customization and expertise. In order to simplify your move, our trained moving crew works with you to determine what needs to be packed and what essentials should be left out.

Pack Immediate Items in Clear Totes

Items like dishes, toilet paper, bath towels, and a shower liner tend to not be needed the second you move in, but will definitely be necessary within the first day. Save yourself the stress by packing these items in a clear tote that you can immediately recognize.

Label Like Crazy

In addition to simply labeling what’s in the boxes, it can also help moving crews immensely to make what new room the box will be going into. This saves both you and the movers valuable time and alleviates having to make sure everything is in its exact place.

For all your moving and storage needs, trust Mont-Rose moving Systems as the premier moving company in San Jose. Contact Mont-Rose Moving Systems today to learn more about our complete moving services and begin planning your move with a qualified moving professional. 

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