So you’re ready to set foot on your next adventure—but where to? Whether you’re moving from San Jose for a career in technology enterprise or to enjoy the stillness of nature, Mont-Rose Moving Systems knows why some of America’s best places to live can accommodate you. We’ve picked out five big cities that are all known for catering to people of all types. Check out our list and maybe you’ll find your next home here!

Denver, CO

The Outdoor Lover - Denver, CO
As one of the most active places in the nation, outdoor sports and nature lovers flock to Denver’s naturally varied geography. Whether it’s down-hill mountain biking, snowboarding, or hiking, with the Rocky Mountains right next door, the city is made for those looking for a little adrenaline.

Little Silicon - Dallas, TX

As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Dallas is quickly getting the reputation as a second Silicon Valley. Many major tech companies as well as promising startups are making this city a modern metropolis without the San Fran price.

Musician’s Big Break - Nashville, TN
Known as “Music City” many aspiring musicians get their start in Nashville. Avoid paying the high costs of living in Los Angeles, hoping to be discovered, and instead opt for rising to fame through one of many of Nashville’s premiere music studios and recording companies.

Beach Goer - Tampa, FL
Californian beaches may be one thing, but nothing quite rivals the white sands of Florida. Beach and sun lovers travel to Tampa to bask on the sand, boat in the tropical waters, or even watch baseball. This city offers a more affordable option than the west coast.

Tampa, FL

Busy on Budget - Chicago, IL

Like New York without the bank-breaking costs, Chicago offers its residents great food, parks, museums and a thriving bar and club scene. People looking for the Big Apple vibe feel right at home in the “Windy City,” where a variety of big companies make their home and the cost of living is just right.

Wherever you choose to go, Mont-Rose Moving Systems can help you get there. Whether you’re moving from San Jose for personal or career reasons, we can accommodate you and your family of any size. Let us work with you to create a personalized moving plan to anywhere in the country. Chat with one of our moving specialists today or fill out our online quote form to get a free estimate!

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