There’s a lot to remember when you’re moving in San Jose.  From planning the relocation, to planning moving day and ensuring that your home and family necessities are taken care of at the new home, it’s easy to let things slip your mind.  After switching over your utilities and changing your mailing address, here are a few of the monthly memberships that you shouldn’t forget to cancel.
  • Gym Memberships.  Plan ahead when canceling your gym membership, so that you can ensure you aren’t paying for months when you aren’t there.
  • Spa Memberships.   Often times, spas, massage studios and other beauty salons offer membership options.  Ensure that all of your memberships are cancelled, as you could end up paying costly salon bills for services you never even got to use.
  • Tanning Salons.  Tanning salons also offer monthly memberships for you to be able to use their services.  Check if your new area has any salons nearby or plan to cancel your membership.
  • Golf Club.  Are you going to continue golfing at the club you are at now?  Depending upon where you are moving, it may seem like an easy trip back and forth, but how often are you actually going to make it out on the course?  Consider these options, and look into canceling your gold club membership before you move.
  • Monthly Mailing Subscriptions.  Sure you might be having your mail forwarded at first, but you will want to either change your mailing address under the subscription or cancel your subscription.  After all, you don’t want to be sending your monthly bottle of wine to the people in your old home.
Moving in San Jose