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As a soon-to-be resident of Redwood City, surely you’re already wondering about the attractions and activities the area has to offer. From lush parks to exquisite local cuisine, there is sure to be something that grabs your attention. Since you won’t know the city well when you first move in, our Redwood City movers have provided some of their favorite spots. Some of these include:

  • Bair Island: If you are an avid runner, this unique trail is the perfect retreat from the city. Part of a collection of islands in the marshland, this island is home to an abundance of wildlife and fantastic views that will keep your eyes as busy as your legs.
  • Huddart Park: Huddart Park features hiking and riding trails, playgrounds, and barbequing spots all within the great Redwood Forest. Because there is so much to do, this part of the peninsula a hotspot among locals. Additionally, this park hosts a weekly event called “Bicycle Sunday.” Each Sunday, park goers can roller blade, cycle, jog, or just walk along this section of Canada Road.
  • Alice’s Restaurant: Not only does the area offer great outdoor activities, but it also provides many fantastic spots where you can enjoy the flavor of the town. One of these spots is Alice’s Restaurant, an eatery that resides in a building originally built as a general store in the early 1900’s. Today, this hip dining establishment brings together rich history with locally sourced foods and a variety of micro brews and local wines.

Make the most of your move by experiencing all Redwood City has to offer. To get out and explore as soon as you move in, have our movers take care of the dirty work. They’ll provide you with a full-service move so you can quickly get out and enjoy yourself without hassle.

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