Picture this: you’re about to make a huge move for your family. Everyone is counting on you to set up the move for the house smoothly and efficiently, but on the day of the move the buddies you hired real cheap to move forget to show up. All of a sudden your whole move is uprooted and you have no back-up plan! Little mistakes like this can leave you stuck in the middle of a disastrous move.

No one wants to be stranded out in the cold, especially not on moving day. That’s why you want to avoid hiring friends or a DIY service for a big move. San Jose moving help is a simple solution to avoiding these disastrous moving day mistakes.

Some of the things you should avoid are:

1)      Hiring yourself or a DIY service. You never know how large your move is going to be. Sign up for a free in home estimate from San Jose, CA movers to ensure professional help.

2)      Plan your move at the right time of day, preferably in the afternoon. Generally the cost of a move is going to be an hourly rate. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in traffic during rush hour and have to pay for more time than you really need to.

3)      Don’t pack any daily necessities. You might get stuck with a dead phone battery and no charger or a completed move but no credit card to pay for it with.

Moving is stressful, take some of the weight off and let Mont-Rose Moving Systems be your San Jose, CA movers to avoid any silly but caustic moving day mistakes.