While many moving tips focus on better ways to pack, it’s important to consider accident prevention as well. It’s easy to forget how susceptible the digital photos of family and friends, videos of concerts and memorable events, as well as personal data and documents are to being lost. From viruses we accidentally download to corrupt hard drives, our digital data can be lost just as easily as our important papers and tangible documents can be.

Protect your precious memories from fading by regularly backing up your data. Purchase an external hard drive or use cloud storage services like Dropbox to automatically sync photos and videos taken with your mobile device to folders on your computer and on the cloud.

By doing regular backups, you’re ensuring that your files will still be available to you if your computer crashes, your phone is lost, or you accidentally delete your files. If you have important documents, consider scanning them and making digital copies to store safely should you ever lose or destroy them on accident.

Keeping your personal data and files backed up and handy is especially important during a move. Have digital copies of your important receipts, warranties, personal documents, and more just in case you misplace your papers during the hectic organization process of a move. Having digital files of your photos and videos also ensures that you’re saving space and weight instead of having boxes full of photo albums, CDs, and DVDs.

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