If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely because you are planning a move. As you go about the task of choosing a moving company, look for those that partner with Mayflower Moving Companies. At Mont-Rose Moving, we are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction on every move—and that is the reason we chose to team up with Mayflower movers!

Their proven dedication to reliable service goes back 90 years, and it has been unwavering. When we learned the benefits that were available to customers who chose Mayflower moving experts, we knew that there was no other option for us. In addition to free estimates, modern moving equipment, and a worldwide network of moving professionals, Mayflower offers benefits that you can’t get with many other moving companies. 

They Call Them “Experts” for a Reason

If you’ve always felt that being a mover wasn’t a particularly skilled profession, see if you feel the same when you need to hire a company to move your valuable artwork or your grandmother’s china. The fact is that a lot of training goes into becoming a quality moving professional—and Mayflower moving experts are held to extremely high standards. 

The initial training is intense and includes many components that test the participants moving skills. The training also provides hand-on training to learn how to do things the Mayflower way. From there, ongoing training is required to make sure every Mayflower mover keeps their skills up to the mark. 

Things Happen—And We’ve got You Covered When They Do!

Most of our moves go off without a hitch, but things happen. Sometimes those things were out of our control. Other times a mover may just have a mishap. Either way, we offer many ways to ensure that if any of your items are damaged, you’ll be covered. Full-Value Protection (FVP) is offered upfront with every moving estimate. We also offer protection add-ons including:

  • Increased Full-Value Protection: This increases the maximum amount you can receive as a payout for your belongings should they be damaged. 
  • Additional Delay Payment: If your shipment is late arriving, we’ll provide an inconvenience fee at an increased rate of $250 per day.
  • Increased Destination Waiting Time: If we’re ready to make delivery, but you’ve been delayed, this protection allows us to extend our wait time up to four hours. 
When you choose Mayflower Moving Companies you’ll enjoy the best people with the best training, modern equipment, and enhanced protection options. Remember that you’ll have to trust your movers with everything you own, so choose a company you can trust—choose Mayflower moving experts

As you’re planning your San Jose residential move, call Mont-Rose Moving to learn more about our services. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation moving estimate!

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