Mont-Rose Moving Systems is proud to announce the addition of GPS devices to all moving vehicles.  By installing GPS (Global Positioning System) units it is going to benefit both company and client.  Listed below are some of the primary advantages these tools are going to provide:

1)      Real Time Tracking – for arrival, departure and duration

2)      Streamlining routes will save fuel, vehicle wear and tear etc

3)      GPS navigation will save time

4)      Minimizes driver and client anxiety

5)      Numerous benefits to all operational logistics

6)      Promotes crew accountability

7)      Save time and fuel when unaccounted surprises happen on the road. This could include scenarios such as traffic jams because of accidents ahead on the road, unexpected roadblocks or detours

8)      Overall will bring a more professional logistical approach

By helping streamline the process the new GPS units are going to save both client and company time and money.  Our San Jose moving company is very excited to continue moving forward with technology such as this to better our moving services.