Parents will do anything to keep their kids occupied in the days and weeks leading up to a move. If you have children, the size and scope of your transition is most likely irrelevant as you will still have to allocate time to ensuring your kids’ are safely occupied during the packing phase of your transition. So how do you keep the little ones busy?

With a scavenger hunt, of course! It’s not unheard of to make children search for items, toys or presents during a party or get-together. In fact, what we now know and consider to be time-tested traditions (e.g., Easter egg hunts) were actually started as ways to occupy the time and minds of children, allowing adults to partake in their own activities and conversations without any distractions.

So next time you’re packing for a move, take an item or two and hide it somewhere in your home. Use your best judgment – make sure it’s a spot accessible to children – when hiding the item, which can be a spoon, a picture, a book, or anything else children can easily retrieve.

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