If you’ve gone through a major move before, then you know that moving an entire household generates a lot of waste. When you’re busy with planning and carrying out a successful move, however, it’s easy to forget about smaller details such as “going green.” But what if you could have a green move that not only preserves the environment, but is also more efficient and affordable? The San Jose movers at Mont-Rose Moving Systems have carried out countless green moves. Some green moving tips we recommend are:
  • Begin by Downsizing
This is a necessary first step for any homeowner regardless of whether they’re concerned with a “green” move. Less stuff means that you’ll be able to use a smaller truck, and will spend less on gas (which benefits the environment!). A garage sale or a donation is a great way to get rid of extra items without sending them to the landfill.
  • Find or Buy Used Boxes
Many grocery and liquor stores will give away sturdy used boxes for free. Finding suitable used boxes will not only generate less waste, it will save you hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on new moving boxes.
  • Rent Reusable Crates
Our movers highly recommend renting reusable plastic crates. Services such as Rent-A-Crate will drop these clean, easy-to-use crates off at your front door, and many moving companies offer similar solutions.
  • Avoid Bubble Wrap, Disposable Packing Materials
Newspaper, blankets and towels can also be used to securely pack your fragile items.

Mont-Rose Moving Systems is the SJ moving company with all of the green options you need for an eco-friendly, affordable move. Contact us today to learn more!