As you begin the packing process for your upcoming move, you are likely to come across many items that you no longer use, no longer want and simply don’t have the space to move.  This is when the donation pile begins to grow.  What was at first a small bag of old clothes has turned into a mountain of old pots and pans, clothes with the tags still on, maybe even a couple pieces of furniture.  So where are you going to take all of these belongings? 

  • Local Goodwill Store: Your local shop will take donations of all types – as long as they are in good condition.  Clothing, small appliances, shoes and many other small items can easily be dropped off at their donation center.  For larger items, like furniture, you should call ahead to ensure your local store can handle them.
  • Salvation Army: For many large donations, the Salvation Army will come to your home to pick up your donations.  They also have a variety of drop off locations that can easily be found on their website.
  • Habitat for Humanity Resale Shops: Habitat for Humanity has several resale shops from which you can donate larger items like furniture.
  • Clothes/Books Drop Boxes: You have likely seen these large metal boxes in parking lots around town.  They are an easy place to drop off bags of old clothing, books and shoes. 
Ensure that you aren’t using your San Jose Mover to relocate items you don’t use any longer.  Put those items to good use and donate them at one of the many centers in your area!