Moving with elderly family members takes extra care; you want to make the transition to their new home both smooth and comfortable.  Keeping stress at a minimum is very important.  As local San Jose movers we have helped many families transition their elderly parents into new living quarters.   Whether they are moving into a retirement home, assisted living community or different private residence our tips for helping with this move will guarantee a less stressful transition.

  1. Plan Plan Ahead! -  Moving residences can be stressful and emotional.  Give your elderly family members lots of time to start with packing.  Try 25 minutes a day at the beginning so it doesn’t become overwhelming.  Time management is a must !
  2. Be Patient – Remember going through years of belongings can take a toll.  Be patient with your family members.
  3. Acquire New Home Layout – Make sure when packing and deciding what to bring you have a room layout for your family member’s new residence.   This will help tremendously once you are at the stage of unpacking.  It will also guarantee you won’t have to be doing a second clean out of items.
  4. Heavy lifting help – It is better to hire an outside company to help with the heavy lifting and larger items.  Not only do you not want unwarranted injuries from elderly family members trying to help but being a support system while things are being moved around will be appreciated.
  5. Pack necessities and sentimental items last – Necessities always need to be packed last since they of course will need to be used the morning of the move ie. Toothbrush, face wash, outfit for moving day.  But you also try to start packing unsentimental rooms first to ease your family member into the transition as simply as possible.
Overall family members mean the world to us and we want to see them happy, so make sure you are treating them with kindness during a big transition such as moving.  Pick your local San Jose moving company with care so you know they will treat your family member with as much respect as you do.