Whether down the street, across the state, or across the ocean, relocating your commercial space is a daunting task. Offices are often filled with large, expensive, and specialized objects that need to be properly situated for optimal use. What’s more, no matter if you are downsizing or upgrading, moving a business is not as easy as simply shutting down operations for a week or two, packing up, and leaving. Few firms can afford the lag time, and even those that can know better. Fortunately, there is a solution: Mont-Rose Moving Systems Inc, the premier commercial Bay Area movers.

When you are looking to move your office, Mont-Rose is the San Jose commercial moving company you can rely on for an efficient move. At Mont-Rose Moving’s commercial division we strive to provide the most cost-effective and efficient relocation services for your company. We understand the importance of a quick relocation so that your business is up and running in as little as a few hours after the move. Our San Jose commercial movers even offer after-hours and weekend relocations to best meet the needs and schedule of your business, no matter its focus.

As an agent for Mayflower Transit, we have access to a worldwide network of reliable moving professionals who we will work with to seamlessly transport all of your business’ items to anywhere in the world. We also offer corporate relocation services for just one or several employees. As a courtesy, our business movers will assign you a personal move coordinator who will be there to help you with everything from planning the relocation, to answering any questions that you or your employees may have. Our professional, trained, commercial movers will carefully and efficiently package, wrap, load and transport your items to ensure their safety. Upon arrival we can also provide you with a variety of destination services, such as debris removal, space planning, and installation. We are your:

  • Office Movers: We will easily and efficiently relocate your office to anywhere in the world.
  • Corporate Relocation: Our business moving company offers corporate relocation services as part of a whole office move or as a standalone service.

Commercial Moving Services

From corporate HQ relocation support to the shipping and temporary storing of business equipment and goods, the commercial movers at Mont-Rose guarantee a variety of full range moving services that are certain to fit needs of companies nationwide, large and small. Some of our key moving services for commercial clientele include:

Management and Planning: All of our commercial services are helmed by a Mont-Rose project manager/coordinator. Our managers are experts in space planning, on-site project management, warehousing and asset storage, and much more. They will connect directly to building managers in both the building you are leaving and the one you are relocating to in order to more successfully plan the move with all parties involved. They can even brief your employees on proper moving methods, should you choose to have your employees help in the process. Best of all, this individual will be there to address issues, answer questions, and provide timely updates about progress, delays, and budgetary affairs. In short, with a Mont-Rose Moving coordinator at your side, you can rest easy knowing that there will always be someone there to keep you informed and comfortable. 

Moving: We simplify the moving process by providing a crew of expertly trained handlers that work under the supervision of the project manager. Each Mont-Rose commercial mover is vetted and hired for skill and competency, then instructed and briefed on the specifics of every job we undertake. Our team members arrive on sight prepared with the information and skills required to make the moving process a breeze. They will carefully and efficiently package, wrap, load, transport, unpack and install your items to ensure a safe, on time delivery. Our teams are flexible, available after-hours and on weekends. You can expect your employees to show up to a new location that is fully functional and ready for use.

Storage: For some companies, commercial relocation may entail temporary storage of office supplies, equipment, or business records. Mont-Rose has you covered here, offering both short-term and long-term storage options. We can easily decrease or increase the size of your storage space to accommodate your requirements as they change . Our storage facility is climate-controlled for temperature-sensitive equipment, and is outfitted with fire and theft protection systems to keep all of your belongings safe and secure.

Shipping: Some office equipment may need to be shipped as opposed to hand-moved. We are connected with a network of shipping logistics companies that can provide timely and affordable shipping services for any supplies that need it. What’s more, our connection with Mayflower Transit allows us to utilize cutting edge transportation technologies, such as air-suspension and climate controlled trucks, so your assets will be maintained in the right moving environment the entire process.  

Specialized Moving: If your firm deals with specialized materials, Mont-Rose offers the right service. State-of-the-art moving equipment allows our commercial movers to safely handle uniquely sensitive materials such as medical or lab equipment, electronics such as computers or storage hard drives, important records or documents and even heavy, awkward machinery.  We also have access to equipment that can safely transport pianos, antiques, and fine art pieces, should any of these be involved in the relocation process.

Post-Move Support: Once moving day has come and gone and your business team settles into their new location, your project manager will remain available if you have concerns that require addressing. Simply, a Mont-Rose move is not complete until our client’s business is up and running like it was (or better than) before.

Our Core Values

We want to be clear – by choosing Mont-Rose Moving as your go-to commercial movers in San Jose, you’re choosing a company that has adhered to a set of core values and commitments which have made it a standout firm in the moving industry. For the past thirty years, we have prided ourselves in ensuring our clients are delivered high quality service and stress-free moving solutions around the clock. For each and every job, we promise:

  • To plan properly and get it done on time and on budget, meaning no unnecessary costs or profit disruption to your business.
  • To issue a competitive and transparent bid from the start that is reasonable and in line with your expectations and financial situation – no unforeseen charges, surprises, hassles, or hidden fees.
  • To guide you and your business towards the best moving plans with the help of our expert coordinators and managers.
  • To provide a team of highly qualified, careful, and efficient movers equipped with the necessary tools to protect your assets and property and to maximize productivity, ours and yours
  • To prioritize the safety and security of all employees and assets involved, every step of the process.
  • To remain committed to the very end – our job is not done until your company is up and running again, your commercial space looks better than ever, and your satisfaction is achieved

Move The Mont-Rose Way 

At San Jose’s premier professional office and commercial moving company, we sweat the little things. Our clients are our lifeblood, just as their businesses are theirs, which is why we promise superior customer service, dependable commercial moving and storage solutions, and most importantly, a fairly-priced, stress free, and overall stellar moving experience. Don't wait. Call 408-929-7100 or visit our online contact page to get a free quote today.